Allow. Awaken. Arise.

Allow. Awaken. Arise.

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Welcome to Blaze by Om Phoenix!

The Blaze arm of the organisation is for individuals, rather than businesses, who want personal and spiritual development. This dynamic community has been set up to enable people to access to tools and techniques to de-frazzle, uplift and elevate their consciousness in all areas of life.

Using a blend of resilience and energy healing modalities, participants have said they are sleeping better, worrying less and more deeply contented, as their lives are transformed as a consequence of coming to the virtual Blaze sessions and workshops.

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of participants STRONGLY AGREE that the the BLAZE sessions will directly enhance feelings of calm and positivity.

Feeling excited??! It’s the 24 hour #backtoblaze countdown!!🔥🔥So excited to run regular weekly sessions again. Through the group connection, the healing and uplift is profound 🌈I’m about to record this terms Daily Blaze meditation for our members. Amazing to see so many return after the summer, as well as some newbies 😍PM me for info. It is run by donation, via Zoom and open to all. Om Namo Narayani 🙏🏽#blazesessions #energyhealing #chakrahealing #spiritualawakening #raisingvibrations #raisingconsciousness #peakperformance #positivemindset #resilience #mentalresilience #guidedmeditation ... See MoreSee Less

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We made it through the first school week! 🦁💪🏿Leo has been telling his new school friends how lucky he is having two houses 😂 😍We might not be a ‘conventional’ family, but the three of us do our best to have respect, love and connection as much as we can! ❤️ #lessonsfromleo #blazesessions #energyhealing #chakrahealing #spiritualawakening #raisingvibrations #raisingconsciousness #peakperformance #positivemindset #resilience #mentalresilience #guidedmeditation ... See MoreSee Less

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Everyone is welcome! No prior experience of meditation is required.

Come along and try out the weekly virtual Blaze session, every Wednesday at 8:30-9:15PM (BST), run by donation. The Blaze session is a guided meditation, working with the chakra system to release negative emotions and thoughts, then installing positive energy.

You’ll leave the session feeling more uplifted, calmer and with a stiller mind.


Established and run by Jane (Hari Om) Atherton, Om Phoenix CEO, she decided to add this arm during Covid-19 when she noticed friends, family and clients needed additional support with mental health and wellbeing. After growing organically and rapidly it has become clear to Jane that there is a need for this service, and she is excited to see what it can grow in to!

The Universe’s Plan is so much more magnificent than we can possibly imagine.

Louise L. Hay