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Welcome to Blaze Workshops and Programmes

For those wanting a deeper dive…

To embody the Blaze teachings into daily life, we offer a range of seasonal workshops and programmes. They provide a combination of practical tools to maintain an uplifted mindset as well as spiritual teachings about the chakra system and raising consciousness.

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Embody Empowerment Programme

A three-month programme designed for those wanting accelerated spiritual development and wisdom on the topic of empowerment. Each month includes a virtual workshop, a specialised healing meditation and a mentoring circle with Jane Hari Om. This programme brings more contentment, authenticity, and connection in all areas of life. Each month we focus on a specific topic to take a deeper dive and allow transformation to occur.

  • Create a sustainable uplift in happiness – without anything in your external life changing!
  • Gain access to daily rituals to overcome stress and worry
  • Learn that you CAN choose your state of mind. What if stress is a choice?
  • Deepen the connection in your relationships through empowering communication
  • Expand your energy field for deep contentment
  • And so much more!!

Our first Empowerment programme cohort of 2020!

A Transformational Three Months

Month 1. Self-Empowerment; Reclaiming Your Power!

A powerful foundational session, enabling you to switch from unconsciousness ‘victim’ and blame consciousness and instead realise that you have more choice and control over your state of mind and emotions. Learn how to choose to have a good day, rather than leaving it to chance!

Month 2. Empowered Relationships

The state of our relationships directly impacts levels of contentment in life. This workshop looks at how to understand what your relationships are showing you, as our most difficult relationships can be our biggest teachers for growth. We consider the inner game and the outer game with relationships; as well as doing the inner healing work, for true intimacy we must be able to communicate in a heart-felt and authentic way as well, which takes the cultivation of courage.

Month 3. The Power of Yin

We live in a predominately ‘Yang’ (masculine) society and culture. Where attributes of achievement, busyness, ambition and activity are largely expected and rewarded. This can lead to an excess of cortisol and adrenalin in our systems which leads to a ‘fight or flight’ stress response to life. Too much of this can cause anxiety or burnout. In this month, we learn to connect with the ‘Yin’ (feminine) energy within, relevant for all genders, calling on attributes such as allowing, serenity and vulnerability to cultivate true empowerment and a life of deeper connection.

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