Revolutionising Leadership Development

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Raise Consciousness and Drive Performance

Retain top talent through creating inspired and strategic learning engagements for leaders and their teams.

Om Phoenix is a leadership and consciousness consultancy who are passionate about partnering with leadership teams to empower organisations – driving growth AND engagement.

With corporate clients we create impactful and dynamic Top Talent and Emerging Leader programmes.

With small-medium enterprises we partner with your senior leadership team to create empowered culture change as you scale.

What makes us different

East Meets

  • To drive strategic perspective, we combine eastern philosophy with western business theory. Creating a unique and powerful approach that ignites the hearts and minds of leaders
  • We  incorporate the latest research in neuro-science and positive psychology stimulating growth mindset


  • With extensive expertise across the business sector, our facilitators experience an intensive journey of professional  development to join the Phoenix Family
  • They maintain regular self-development practices ensuring constant growth, humility and wisdom – and playfulness!

Radical Behavioural Change

  • We create radical behavioural change using dynamic and memorable approach
  • Programmes build over numerous sessions, providing memory hooks each time
  • Not just theoretical, we use embodiment practices to promote transformational behaviourial change

Our Story

Welcome! I’m Jane, Founder & CEO.

From a one-woman mindset training company in 2018 to an international leadership consultancy today, growing Om Phoenix has been an inspired journey of resilience, connection and joy. 

Whether partnering with global corporations or fast-growth small-medium enterprises, our passion is always – obsessively – on service; raising the consciousness of clients, in service to humanity. 

Be ignited by our website and please reach out to discover how we can empower your organisation. Om-wards! 🔥

Jane Atherton

Trusted by Leaders

Om Phoenix are simply world-class. Our partnership with them helps attract and retain top talent across the industry.
Ashley Chapman
What a phenomenal event! Om Phoenix sessions inspire strategic alignment and innovative approach.
Natasha Kwakwa
Global Head of Impact
Standard Chartered Bank
Since 2018 we have partnered with Om Phoenix, benefitting from their strategic and inspired leadership development. Let's blaze!
Neil Sartorio
Lead Partner

Let's Blaze!

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