Accelerating behavioural change

Our transformative strategies enable organisations to rapidly evolve and grow, whether in leadership, mindset, behaviour or culture. We use the following three step process to ignite performance in leaders and their teams.


You don’t know what you don’t know. There is no awareness or access to the relevant information.


“I know that.” Most training sits here, which is ineffective for genuine behavioural change. Delegates gain information but experience limited neurological shift which prevents new habits from forming.


Om Phoenix operates from this stage. We enable unconscious competences to develop by drawing on the worlds of eastern philosophy, neuroscience and positive psychology. We drive massive behavioural change within our sessions.

Where other training companies end, we begin…

Our Story

“The creation of Om Phoenix was inspired by two pivotal a-ha! moments in my career, moments which seemed to be common myths in the business world:

Myth 1: Don’t expect career success and fulfilment. In my early twenties I had accelerated success in the media and publishing industry, rising from account manager to sales leader in under four years. Although deemed a ‘success’ there was something missing for me, and eventually – to my horror – motivation and engagement began to decline. I had the realisation that purpose and fulfilment were a necessity for long-term career satisfaction, and they were deeply lacking for me. I got out of my comfort and took the leap in to a different industry – one which ignited passion and purpose; professional training and consulting.

Myth 2: Being on-purpose and successful requires stress and burnout. Although I was flourishing after five years as a senior consultant, specialising in large scale sales and mindset engagements, the long hours, huge amounts of travel and constant pressure took its toll on my well-being. I constantly felt tired and lacking in energy, until anxiety was commonplace. Being stressed was normalised within the culture so I didn’t initially question it – until I reached breaking point in 2015, deciding that I deserved a successful, purpose-led career and incredible well-being! After a great deal of soul-searching I decided to break away from employment and establish my own organisation with values which celebrated vitality, empowerment, fulfilment and joy.

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Om Phoenix is a transformational consultancy which endeavours to lead the change with how business is done. Creating a new paradigm which states:

  1. You CAN find fulfilment and purpose, alongside ‘success’ if you choose.
  2. Success is possible (and more sustainable!) whilst maintaining vitality and well-being.

Join us in raising the consciousness of the business world by transforming our approach to work and life.”

Jane Atherton, Founder, CEO.

Jane Atherton - CEO

Founder and CEO, Jane’s passion is inspiring and coaching her clients to create grounded organisational transformation, motivated by employee wellness.

With over fourteen years experience, Jane has inspired thousands of corporate professionals looking to achieve their potential in the areas of business development, leadership, and mental resilience.

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An experienced coach, facilitator and speaker, Jane worked for the London, Sydney and New York offices of a global leadership and learning consultancy, leading and managing client engagements up to $1,000,000 USD.

What makes Jane highly sought after is her unique ability to weave the worlds of business practicality with mindfulness and well-being techniques. This transforms her clients to be more balanced, happy and fulfilled, driving increased levels of productivity and engagement.

Jane has consulted within the financial services, technology, media, publishing, professional services, pharmaceutical, construction, insurance and fintech sectors for Corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, MediaCom, JP Morgan, OMD, Tarmac, News Ltd, Visa Pty, McCann and HSBC.

Om Phoenix operates within an impressive network of global associate consultants and facilitators.

We have specialists in the areas of:


  • Leadership Strategy
  • Culture Transformation
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Advanced Mindfulness and Resilience
  • Mindful Business Development: having integrity whilst closing the deal
  • Compassionate Leadership


Depending on your business requirements we select the appropriate consultant(s) to attend client meetings from the early diagnosis stage to ensure chemistry and business understanding.


Our Purpose

Raising the consciousness of the business world

Our Mission

Igniting drive, enthusiasm and fulfilment in our clients, through mindful leadership and culture transformation.

Our Values

Be Inspired

We come from a higher place.

Open-minded, open-hearted and receptive to change.


The courage to be authentic. Pioneering new paradigms of how business is done.


Always devoted to honouring clients, we love enabling participants to flourish – thrive and grow rapidly – before our eyes.

Result Led

Achieving more, liberating clients from what keeps them small.

Global Awakening

Raising vibrations, one individual at a time.