The Espresso Session

Discover how Mindset Strategies Drive Performance

Our Espresso sessions are introductory workshops providing a shot of energy, ideas and motivation for your team.
In our complimentary 60 minutes of dynamic mindset strategies, uncover how to inspire outstanding performance in your team.

Overview of your Espresso Session

What you can expect:

  • Experience dynamic mindset techniques to drive high performance.
  • Provide your team with the opportunity to turn off the ‘auto-pilot’ and take an innovative approach to business challenges.
  • Learn tips to alleviate pressure and over-whelm prevalent throughout the business world.
  • This taster workshop offers immediate strategies to uplift productivity and engagement.


By the end of the session, participants will start to:

  • Implement resilience strategies which promote focus under pressure.
  • Learn basic neuro-science tips to balance brain chemistry and increase productivity.
  • Use powerful physiological techniques to enhance motivation.
  • Learn a dynamic mindfulness process for innovative and strategic approach.
  • Unlock their potential to drive incredible results.
“The Espresso session that Jane ran for our EMEA Leadership Team was incredible.
We aligned even more as a team and identified crucial mindset blocks.
Impactful and memorable, would highly recommend!”
Nick Matthews
VP & General Manager, Culture Amp

How to book your Espresso Session


  • Up to 30 participants
  • Ideal for team day, offsite or leadership development session
  • In-person or virtual formats available
  • Subject to eligibility criteria

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