The Espresso Session

Mindset Strategies to Drive Performance

An introductory workshop providing a shot of energy, ideas and motivation.

Complimentary 60 minutes of dynamic and practical mindset strategies which inspire outstanding performance in your team.


The objective is to offer applicable mindset and wellness techniques which promote sustainable high performance.

An interactive session about improving outcomes and taking a fresh approach to how your team does business.

With pressure and distraction being prevalent throughout the business world, this workshop offers techniques to enhance productivity and focus, leading to longer-lasting client relationships and sustainable results.


By the end of this 60 minute programme, participants will be able to:

  • Implement practical mindset strategies which enable calmness and focus under pressure
  • Maintain rapport whilst in difficult conversations with clients
  • Use simple physiological techniques to increase motivation and engagement
  • Learn practical tools which enable a shift in mindset, leading to more positive outcomes
  • Understand the importance of ‘right brain thinking’ to achieve exceptional results
  • Increase awareness of limiting self-talk to eliminate procrastination or distracted behaviours

Program Benefits

Through coaching and interaction, the Driving Performance session offers exposure to breakthrough developments in positive psychology, equipping participants with an increase in centered confidence, gravitas and motivation.


We use a dynamic and entertaining facilitation style to maintain engagement and energy from all participants.

Our methodology covers three areas:

  1. Mental Mastery  (thoughts, mind)
  2. Excellence Embodied  (physical body)
  3. Creative Self  (EQ, state awareness)


Up to 20 participants

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